How to handle a move away from friends and family

At worldwide movers we often handle the process of international moves. The big thing that many of our international moving clients face is some hesitation to move away from all of their closest friends and family. It can be tough to know where to start a brand-new city and in a brand-new address. For those that regularly relocate, the process of starting over can be easier. If you have never lived in a strange city or far away from friends and family however, there are some tips for fitting in that you can use.

Commit to the move:

Many people say some regrets shortly after they move into a new area. Whether it is the change in climate, the change in routine or homesickness for friends and family, it can be tough to adjust to a brand-new surrounding very quickly. By committing to at least giving a new area to try you can starve off some of the feelings of being homesick. Work at treating the new city like a tourist for the first bit and exploring all that you can.

Break the ice early:

Speak to neighbors, coworkers and new people that you may meet. Even if you aren’t a particularly extroverted person, try to put yourself out there and establish a new support network in a new city. You would be surprised at just how friendly people can be especially if they know you have recently moved to the city.

Find a new routine:

As you start to meet new people and establish a new routine it can become much easier to start loving your new location. Staying positive and working to find a brand-new normal for yourself and your family can make sure that you will love your decision to move no matter how far you have had to go.

Worldwide movers can handle the process of your move, and we hope to set you up for an easier adjustment in your new home!