What to consider when changing your address

World Wide Movers knows about all of the various hassles and issues that can come as a result of a move. There are a number of big things that you need to check when you are unpacking and moving as well as organizing for a new move. While World Wide Moving can handle our end of the bargain when it comes to managing your moving logistics, there are some other considerations to take into account. Here is a list that we have created to make the process of moving a little bit easier:

Build a checklist: Building up a checklist of various items that you need to forward to a new address can be extremely important. With a list of everything it needs to be transferred over, from your utilities to your magazine subscriptions can help you to go through and step by step change everything.

Be sure to change your license: You need to make sure to change over your license address to ensure that your insurance and your driving coverage suits your new address. You should also check to make sure that you are legal to drive in the country that you are moving to.

Set up mail forwarding: working with your local post office can make sure that any of the items you potentially miss will be transferred over through the post office. By filling out a mail forwarding form you can make sure any mail that goes to your old address will be sent or forwarded to your new address.

Focus on the large tasks first: think about transferring over your driving license, utilities and more. Change your return address stamp, pet identification tags, stationary or luggage tags as the next step. Consider any other printed material as something to do at a more leisurely place after you handle the basics.

Worldwide Moving is happy to help you put your best foot forward in a brand-new home!

How to handle a move away from friends and family

At worldwide movers we often handle the process of international moves. The big thing that many of our international moving clients face is some hesitation to move away from all of their closest friends and family. It can be tough to know where to start a brand-new city and in a brand-new address. For those that regularly relocate, the process of starting over can be easier. If you have never lived in a strange city or far away from friends and family however, there are some tips for fitting in that you can use.

Commit to the move:

Many people say some regrets shortly after they move into a new area. Whether it is the change in climate, the change in routine or homesickness for friends and family, it can be tough to adjust to a brand-new surrounding very quickly. By committing to at least giving a new area to try you can starve off some of the feelings of being homesick. Work at treating the new city like a tourist for the first bit and exploring all that you can.

Break the ice early:

Speak to neighbors, coworkers and new people that you may meet. Even if you aren’t a particularly extroverted person, try to put yourself out there and establish a new support network in a new city. You would be surprised at just how friendly people can be especially if they know you have recently moved to the city.

Find a new routine:

As you start to meet new people and establish a new routine it can become much easier to start loving your new location. Staying positive and working to find a brand-new normal for yourself and your family can make sure that you will love your decision to move no matter how far you have had to go.

Worldwide movers can handle the process of your move, and we hope to set you up for an easier adjustment in your new home!

How to move elderly parents

Many children desire their elderly parents to live a little bit closer to them. The process of moving an elderly relative however can be a little more difficult. At Worldwide movers we can offer support to people of all ages as well as establish specialty moving plans to help families that need to move their elderly parents or store their belongings. Here are some top tips on how to move with elderly parents.

Packing antiques:

Older style belongings require extra care and packing. With the help of Worldwide movers packing services is possible to care for antiques and make sure that they survive even the longest move. Professional packing for antiques Works to preserve their value and works to prevent accidents even over a long haul move.

Providing storage:

If a parent or older relative is downsizing but you may not be interested in getting rid of their stuff, it may be a good idea to put it into storage. Worldwide moving can work at providing specialty storage for a variety of different items and in fully secured, climate controlled spaces. With assistance for moving and packing a storage facility, you can have all the help that you need to make sure that a downsizing project goes faster.

Work at disposing of items that should not be moved:

Part of downsizing also may require junk removal and getting rid of older items. By working to downsize and throughout some of the items that you may not need, it is possible to reduce your overall costs for moving and make sure that the move can go much smoother by reducing the total number of items that need to be relocated.

Use these top tips to improve the process of moving with elderly people or relocating elderly relatives.

Moving Tips

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Our moving and packing experts have years of experience in the industry. Through our extensive experience we have worked to develop a number of proven methods for international and local moves that can result in better levels of safety as well as improved efficiency. Here are some top moving tips that you should consider when packing and preparing for any move whether it’s long distance or local.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”1837″ img_size=”full” alignment=”right”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]

  1. Weigh boxes accordingly: Place the heaviest items in the bottom of boxes so that they can stabilize the box for transport. Putting heavy items in the top of the box will often cause tipping and damages as well as difficulty with transport to and from the truck.
  2. Seal all boxes: be sure to seal up all boxes to ensure that they remain closed and your items don’t end up lost. Boxes should often be sealed with packing tape instead of duct tape or masking tape. Packing tape provides a stronghold and is fairly simple to open on your arrival for unpacking.
  3. Don’t skimp on packing supplies: We can provide you with boxes and packing supplies for your move. Buying inexpensive boxes or simply finding reclaimed boxes and repairing them can lead to damages. Always use high-quality packing supplies to protect your valuables and be sure to wrap glassware, figurines and mirrors appropriately.
  4. Plan ahead: If you are going to be packing for your move be sure to pack 6 to 8 weeks ahead so that you can get rid of various items in your home as well as pack up some of the items that you don’t normally use to save time later.
  5. Create an inventory: Our packing experts can keep you organized with the help of inventories on all of your boxes. Creating your own inventory for the contents in each box is important for unpacking and finding all of your valuables.
  6. Ask us for help: As professional movers we can always provide you with support unpacking valuable items. We can provide packing services on a per item basis and if you need us to bring extra supplies for valuables we can work at providing you with extra levels of protection for your most valuable items.

Use these moving tips for a faster and safer move with World Wide Moving!


How to handle a move after graduation

Worldwide movers often provide support to individuals who are moving after attending school. If you are moving out of your college town and into a new city, it can be tough to know if you are making the right decision. While many people move themselves, getting a professional mover could help to alleviate a lot of the extra stress that comes with moving out especially during a hectic time. Here are some top tips to consider when moving out of your college town and into a new home to start a career.

Protecting your furniture: furniture can be a considerable investment and if you are moving into your first place after college, you may have just invested in new furniture. Worldwide moving will do its absolute best to make sure that all of your furniture is well packed and protected for the course of any move.

Organization: With the help of an active inventory list you can work at locating all the boxes for the unpacking process. The problem with a lengthy move is that many items can often get lost in the process. Rather than getting stuck with missing items on your arrival a professional mover can keep you well organized.

Preparing for any emergency: Preparing for emergencies over the course of a move by making sure that the truck is packed correctly, handling your travel arrangements and bring enough supplies to make sure that you can make it to your destination comfortably should be your concern. A professional moving company can handle the rest of your graduation move.

Moving in and parking: If you are moving into a new apartment or you need help parking a large-scale truck with all of your belongings in it, a moving company may be a cheaper option because professionals will have more experience driving the truck, parking it and potentially cheap insurance and rental rates over a recent graduate and new driver.

By taking these top considerations into a post-graduation move and more, you can have a much more stress-free time.